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Welcome, Folks! 

Every handcrafted gift is uniquely fashioned by our family of artisans in Montana - with LOVE. After all, the best things come from the "Last Best Place." Quality and beauty with a dash of Big Sky and wild earth- you will cherish Rustic River Gifts for many a prairie moon. ​ 

*We offer many additional products to which we have added value and delightful style through various designs

(i.e engraving, embroidering, trimming & embellishing!)

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SHOP LIVE! We will feature various random categories each night with unique, fun gifts locally made in Montana by crafters & artisans, USA-made products and International novelties that you will love!

1. Watch the LIVE shopping show!

2. During the show, in the comment feed,  type:  'Sold' along with the item number & description displayed LIVE with the product

3. We will send you a payment link on messenger. Enter your info

and pay for your order!

Once you purchase your items we will ship your treasures out to you immediately!  See you on the live feed!

Your Host, Nicole

Handcrafted with LOVE.

2" x 3.25".(Magnetic Back)

Handcrafted with LOVE.

1.5" x 2"- Wooden Shapes

Handcrafted with LOVE.

.75" x 1.25". Wooden Montana Shape on Rustic Gold, Silver or Gunmetal Clip.

Handcrafted with LOVE.

2"x 3.25"

              Fashion & Gifts

Stamped with Encouragement & Decorated with Love - for A Special Occasion! 

Corn-filled, Unscented, removable covers, 100% cotton fabric. Hot/Cold Use

This Classic, Rustic River favorite is the perfect memento for everyone! Show your Montana LOVE by wearing this handcrafted, wooden Montana pin on your lapel, scarf, hat, *TIE, gym bag or purse! Each pin is handcut, sanded, stained and fitted with a gold-finished pin back and clasp. Great Stocking stuffer or souvenir! Take Montana with you wherever you GO!! 

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